Sponsor our Spell-a-thon!

Spelling Bee of Canada is returning with our second Spell-a-thon event on Sunday, September 12, 2021!

What is the Spell-a-thon?

This multi-hour streaming marathon will feature activities from our current students and past alumni who will compete to showcase their literary talents and encourage companies and sponsors to support our goal of raising funds towards growing youth literacy in Canada. 

Why support us?

As a non-profit organization that was heavily supported by local and small businesses prior to our global pandemic, our funds have been deeply impacted. We are seeking the support of our community to help us raise funds and spread the word about our initiatives for our future generation.



Interested in sponsoring an activity? 

As a Sponsor of the Spell-a-Thon, you will be able to demonstrate your commitment to youth literacy by supporting the Spelling Bee of Canada in their effort to grow their reach across Canada.

With your support, we have the power to impact every family and help build a more literate community for all Canadians.

Reach out to our team below to learn more about how you can sponsor our event.


Contact Information

Julie Spence
Founder, Spelling Bee of Canada
info@spellingbeeofcanada.ca | 416.746.0072

Ryan MacKenzie
Sponsorship Lead, Spelling Bee of Canada