Spelling Bee of Canada reinvents itself for the online world

A revamped website, a fully online registration process, and other ways that SBOC continues to innovate

For Immediate Release

Toronto, ON, April 1, 2021 — Spelling Bee of Canada (SBOC) continues on its path of digital innovation by recently launching the initial phase of its revamped website. The website will offer a new interactive experience for participants and their families, and was built from the ground up to offer a modern re-design, optimization across devices, and will support new features, virtual events, and programs launching later in 2021.

Breaking through the digital space 

Along with a new and improved website comes another first in SBOC's 34-year history—a redesigned registration process that offers all online payment methods to adapt to a virtual environment. Without the presence of in-person events at schools and festivals, such as Word on the Street, SBOC will accommodate those who come across challenges during online registration. 

“With a new digital format and the creation of new programs, a new website was essential for our future plans,” said Julie Spence, Founder of Spelling Bee of Canada. “This project was both a natural next step for SBOC going into our 34th year with new expansion plans, and a response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has fundamentally impacted how we live, learn, and interact.“

Engaging parents in the process

Parent user tests and interviews were conducted in early March 2021 with prototypes of the website to incorporate early feedback to ensure the team produced an online product that helps parents and participants to have a valuable learning experience beyond the spelling bee and to feel part of an online community. 

Joan Lin, the mother of two contestants that have competed in spelling bees over the past five years, had the opportunity to participate in a user test and shared that “[her] experience with user testing the website was great, the [volunteers were] very friendly, and the process was quite professional.” After seeing the new website, Lin expressed it was “Simple and easy to navigate with practical information included on the homepage.”

Moving forward

As an innovative organization that constantly takes steps to create an inclusive learning experience, Spelling Bee of Canada has recreated its existing registration packages to cater to the different learning styles and goals of each child. Some of the updated packages now include visual and auditory learning tools in addition to the traditional text-based learning materials. All three registration packages include a new study guide, and the opportunity to participate in their local chapter Spelling Bee competition virtually in 2021. Higher tiers offer additional benefits and perks like interactive auditory and visual study materials, a self-test practice for competition, fun word games and activities, coaching sessions, mock competitions, and access to VIP events. 

SBOC has played a key role in building the confidence and knowledge of children between the ages of 6 and 14. With online courses more common than ever, participants will have many opportunities to practice the skills needed to succeed in an increasingly digital world. Interested families are encouraged to sign up children for this transformative and rewarding opportunity from April 1st, 2021 to May 31st, 2021 at register.spellingbeeofcanada.ca.



Founded in 1987, Spelling Bee of Canada (SBOC) is an educational organization that encourages youth, parents, teachers, and the community to participate in the education process.

For additional information, visit www.spellingbeeofcanada.ca.


Emily Wong
Marketing Director, Spelling Bee of Canada