Spelling Bee of Canada Celebrates 37th National Championship


Spelling Bee of Canada Celebrates 37th National Championship 

Toronto, Ontario, May 17th, 2024 – Spelling Bee of Canada is thrilled to unveil the theme for its 37th Annual National Championship Competition: "Empowering Minds, One Word at a Time." This year's event, scheduled for Sunday, May 26th, at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel & Suites in Richmond Hill, Ontario, promises to be a celebration of linguistic prowess and intellectual growth. 

Following an arduous journey through regional chapter spelling bee competitions across the nation, 72 finalists, ranging from 6 to 14 years old, have emerged victorious. Their dedication and linguistic acumen have propelled them to the forefront of this esteemed championship, where they will showcase their mastery of language in three age categories: Primary (ages 6-8) beginning at 9:45AM ET, Junior (ages 9-11) taking place at 12:00PM ET, and Intermediate (ages 12-14) taking place at 1:00PM ET. 

Julie Spence, Founder of Spelling Bee of Canada, expresses her gratitude, emphasizing the transformative power of words in shaping young minds. "With our theme this year, 'Empowering Minds, One Word at a Time,' we celebrate not just the spelling bee itself, but the journey of learning and growth it represents. Through the exploration of language, we empower our participants to expand their horizons and communicate effectively." 

The event, steeped in tradition and educational excellence, will be livestreamed on cbcsports.ca, the free CBC Gem streaming service, and the SBOC YouTube channel, ensuring that the excitement and inspiration of the competition reach audiences far and wide. 

Nagina Parmar, President of Spelling Bee of Canada, reflects on the organization's enduring impact, noting the achievements of its alumni across various fields. "For 37 years, Spelling Bee of Canada has been a beacon of opportunity, nurturing young minds and instilling in them a love for language. As we embark on this year's championship under the theme of 'Empowering Minds, One Word at a Time,' we renew our commitment to fostering intellectual growth and linguistic excellence." 

Spelling Bee of Canada remains dedicated to its mission of providing enriching experiences for children aged 6-14, offering not only competitions but also initiatives aimed at nurturing a lifelong appreciation for language and learning. Participants, vying for cash prizes, trophies, and other accolades, embody the spirit of empowerment as they engage in the art of spelling, one word at a time. 

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About Spelling Bee of Canada: 

Spelling Bee of Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting literacy and language skills among children aged 6-14. Since its inception 37 years ago, Spelling Bee of Canada has been fostering academic excellence and personal growth through its diverse range of competitions and initiatives. For more information, visit https://www.spellingbeeofcanada.ca/. 

The participants in the 37th National Championship are representing the following areas: 

  • Brampton 
  • British Columbia 
  • Burlington/Milton/Oakville/Hamilton 
  • Calgary 
  • Central/North York East/Toronto East 
  • Crawford Academy East All Stars 
  • Durham 
  • Edmonton 
  • Etobicoke/North York West 
  • Kingston 
  • Kitchener/Waterloo 
  • KTCEA- Red Earth Creek 
  • Mississauga 
  • New Brunswick 
  • Niagara Falls Area 
  • Nova Scotia 
  • Ottawa/Carleton 
  • Prince Edward Island (PEI) 
  • Quebec 
  • Saskatchewan First Nations 
  • Scarborough North & South 
  • Sudbury 
  • Windsor 
  • Winnipeg 
  • Wood Buffalo - Fort McMurray 
  • York Region